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SQOOP issue : The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

Expert Contributor

I am getting below error while executing SQOOP import command : ERROR manager.SqlManager: Error executing statement: java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection


Expert Contributor

Query : ./sqoop import --connect jdbc:oracle:thin://<ip address>:1521/app --username APP --password APP12# --table tbemp --hive-import

Your --connect URL does not seem to be correct.

--connect jdbc:oracle:thin://<ip address>:1521/app

Change it to something like following

--connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<ip address>:1521/app

Also it will be best to check if the oracle DB listener is started listening properly on port 1521 or not?

It will be also good to check if the port is accessible fine from the sqoop client host:

telnet   <oracle_ipaddress>   1521

Expert Contributor

This I need to do from hadoop namenode?

@Amit Dass the telnet command it just to verify the connectivity between the host where you are running the "./sqoop import" command to the Oracle Database host "<oracle_ipaddress> 1521".

Rising Star

If app is not a defined service for the TNS listener but the instance id, use this URL format


Also, make sure you can connect to the Oracle instance from the all the client nodes (typically) as the sqoop mappers will run across the cluster.

New Contributor

connection from all nodes in cluster to Oracle DB, is must.

New Contributor

This is good insight, how would I check if each node can connect to the Oracle DB?

New Contributor

See if the listener and the database are initiated. I just started the listener (lsnrctl start) and the database (sqlplus / as sysdba    and     startup) and it worked.

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