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SQoop job is hangs importing data from Teradata to Hive table while loading uploaded data to hive

New Contributor

I am trying to runSqoop job to import the data from Teradata to hive table. The query hangs at

18/06/13 16:24:39 INFO hive.HiveImport: Loading uploaded data into Hive 18/06/13 16:24:39 DEBUG hive.HiveImport: Using in-process Hive instance. 18/06/13 16:24:39 DEBUG util.SubprocessSecurityManager: Installing subprocess security manager

Logging initialized using configuration in jar:file:/usr/hdp/!/

Note: The same Job was completed in 2 seconds and now it is taking more than 40 minutes.(Load on cluster at both cases is same)


Hey @Gangi Yadiki!
Are you using If so, try to run the following command:

show locks <TABLE>;
unlock table <TABLE>;

Hope this helps

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