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SSL Handshake Excpetion in nifi

I am invoking an API command (nifi-api/access/token) to get the access token. But i am getting error like this unable to find valid certification path for requested target. we have LDAP configured in NiFi Cluster and i am able to login to NiFi UI using my credentials. I have started exploring the NiFi rest API for the first time. Any help would be appreciated !!

(P.S I want to use rest api by codes and native processors ( i can do in simple nifi which i have on my desktop) how can i make my task on nifi with kerberso autentification?

Thank you in Advance.



@sally sally

There is a good document in HCC this should resolve your problem.

Please revert

Do you know if there is any insecure connection i can use via rest api to get processors verson? for some reasons i can't export ssl certificate authorities and put it into keystore,is there any way i can connect processor data inside nifi without authentification i don't use curl i want to make it via nifi processors and code

for some reason i can't export certificate and see it's authority is there any way i can use insecure connection to use rest api commands inside nifi?

I mean using POST ,PUT and related commands for example i have content like this and i have noke http processor in my nifi which i have on desktop i can stop the processor by related workflow, how can i do it with remote nifi server which has ssl autentification , can i use insecure connection fro it? and how can i make it?

{\n' +
    '  "status": {\n' +
    '    "runStatus": "STOPPED"\n' +
    '  },\n' +
    '  "component": {\n' +
    '    "state": "STOPPED",\n' +
    '    "id": "f511a6a1-015d-1000-970e-969eac1e6fc5"\n' +
    '  },\n' +
    '  \n' +
    '  "revision": {\n' +
    '    "version": 72,\n' +
    '    "clientId": "0d99776c-015e-1000-bc5d-64cc24d185c1"\n' +
    '  }\n' +

Master Guru
@sally sally

Once the target NiFi has been secured (running over https), Authentication is required to access the rest api end-points.

Do you know how can i make autentipication without url commands i got token via browser request , can i use simply groovy code and invokehttp processors for autentification?

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