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ST_Point query with Hive using Esri Geometry, FAILED !

When I do Select ST_Point(25,45) in PostgresQL I get the following : " 010100000000000000000039400000000000804640 " , whoever when I do the same thing in Hive I get this : (see the picture).

If that was the only problem I wouldn't mind but when I do Select ST_Azimuth(ST_Point(25,45) , ST_Point(75,100)) I get this error :

FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10014]: Line 1:7 Wrong arguments '100': No matching method for class ST_Azimuth with (binary, binary).




@chems bezzaz Doesn't seem like its a packaged function and you've built it using some custom repo ? Can you try running the same from Hive view instead and see what you get ?

It's my first time hearing of Hive view and I don't quite understand what could change if I ran this on Hive view, and st_point() is an UDF create using Esri library .