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Safe flush frequency for hbase?

Here i am working with hbase and i wanted to know how many flush count per time (count per time) is safest to use.

Any idea?


Super Collaborator

safest use is writing changes immediately. Anything else creates a risk for losses, but increases the speed. It is basically the same as always with a write cache.

Tnx for your response dude, Can you please tell me which is the best split policy we can use or any link that has working of all split policy with merits and demerits

Super Collaborator

depends on your use pattern and on how acceptable a data loss is for you.

How many write (puts) do you have in your scenario? If you are unsure, i would start with default config and tweak it in case you see poor performance,

To get some more information on the caching and flushing parameters:

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