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Sanbox HDP 2.5, How to start hadoop compnenets after getting into sandbox cent os?


I have installed HDP 2.5 and I am able to login into sandbox in cent using root uname and hadoop password but how would I start working with hadoop components like pig,hive and all, Do I need to install all hadoop compnents and configure it or it is configured and installed by default? How would I get a prompt of pig, hive spark, scala and all? also I am unable to login into Ambari using admin/admin uname password?


@Hardik Dave

Did you follow the instructions on how to change the sandbox password for admin? This question shows how to reset your ambari password after you login with root:

To learn how to start all those tools CLIs, in the same place you went to download the sandbox (, you can see a link for tutorials:

That's the best place to start with. Also, search through similar questions in HCC.


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