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Scheduling ExecuteStreamCommand processor with GenerateFlowFile to run every minute


I want to use ExecuteStreamCommand to submit a spark job via the shell, and I want to use GenerateFlowFile so that I can detect the spark job failure and RouteOnAttribute as suggested by Matt's answer here.

I think it worked for detecting failure, but I can't make it scheduled correctly.

If i want the whole flow (generation of the flow file, the ExecuteStreamCommand and Routng) to be executed every 1 minute, should I schedule the GenerateFlowFile every 1 minute and leave the ExecuteStreamCommand as default (0 schedule) or should I schedule both.

I tried different combinations but it didn't work properly, I think the GenerateFlowFile keeps generating flow files but the ExecuteStreamCommand don't run multiple times.

another problem is that when I stop the ExecuteStreamCommand processor, it gets stuck, I can't change its configuration and I can't stop or start it again, It didn't work again until I restart NiFi.

Please help.


New Contributor

I put to false "Ignore STDIN" parameter and it doesn't give any error... I hope to have solve this problem.