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Scheduling process groups in nifi

New Contributor

I have two process groups


P1 - Reads a csv file and inserts data into postgres table


P2 - Reads another csv file and updates data into the same postgres table based on a common key


I want P2 process group to start only when P1 process group has finished inserting all the rows of the csv file into the table


Example: I have a csv file with 100 lines so after P1 finishes inserting 100 rows to the db i want the P2 processor to start executing and update those rows with new data.


How can I achieve this in nifi?





You can do that in two ways:

1- Calling P2 from P1 using Output\Input Ports to connect process groups

2- Using Nifi API using nifi HttpInvoke Processor from P1 to control the run-state of the Initial Processor in P2.

Hope that help.