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Schema registry plugin can't add/enable in ranger service



For pre-defined access policy controls access to one or more Schema Registry entities I need to add or enable the schema_registry ranger plugin. But I didn't configure how to enable or add in Service Manager for cm_schema_registy Policy List.

Here is the link to Cloudera documentation for schema registry in ranger service.

Schema registry security add-in ranger 


for example:

As the documentation, ranger manage service seems like,




But in my ranger service manager, didn’t see the cm_schema_registry policy.




So, my question is how to enable or add or user control schema registry from ranger service?










New Contributor

I have the same problem.

I believe there is a problem in the creation of the schemaregistry user, and the service.

Cloudera Employee

Hi @sujonict07,


The process for creating the service along with it user should be automatic.


Have you tried unchecking the *Ranger Service* checkbox in Schema Registry? 


Also, have you tried to run the Setup Ranger Plugin Service in Ranger actions?



Every service should have the KRB5_CONFIG variable exported in its own safety valves.

As per the doc -


  • Goto CM UI -> Schema Registry -> Configuration -> Service Environment Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve)
  • ADD key: KRB5_CONFIG value : /etc/custom-krb5.conf
  • Save and restart


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