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Select * from and & Select count (*) different result


Hi Team,

Iam getting different result while executing below command

select count (*) --output 1028


Select * from --output 500 ( which is correct)

What could be the issue


suresh bk


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Run analyze table <table name> compute statistics;


Error: Failed semanticexception, table is partitioned and partition specific is needed

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Here is the link that has syntax to compute statisitcs on hive partitioned table.


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Hi Kashif,

I tried with partition details. But i did not get any output . I just got like 0 row affected. Is their anything i need to do . please help

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do something like below.

1) select partition_column, count(*) from table; -- look for count of records by partition.

2) select * from table ; - look if this query is reading data from all partitions or only from a few.

This should atleast point you to find what is actually happening.

@suresh krish

Here issue with cache in partitions, Clear your partitions and MSCK to repair the table.

dropping partitions:

alter table dbschemaname.tableanme DROP partition (source <> '');

Run MSCK for table repair,

MSCK REPAIR TABLE <tablename>;

run count command.

Basically when you run select script, your request directly goes to hdfs file to get the requested information, here request wouldn't run mr job.

But when you run count(*) it will trigger mr job to pull requested info.

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Hello Divakar,

I don't fully understand why we need to drop partitions ? as you suggested, MSCK command would be good enough to update the hive metastore with latest partitions info. Can you help me understand the need for dropping the partitions ?

yes, MSCK will create partitions again.

it's good practice dropping partitions as well along with files before going to re-load the data.

I believe that few older partitions are causing an issue.

let me know if it's fix your issue while following above mentioned steps