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Send group names from AAD to CDP in SAML

New Contributor

Hello. We setup Azure Active Directory (AAD) as IdP in CDP 7.2.10 following this document


Everything works as expected except for the groups information. We are not able to send the group name in the SAML response to CDP. Only the groupId is sent. Our configuration is exactly as described in the document above. 


Could anyone suggest how we could send the group name instead of the group id in the SAML response? Any ideas would be much appreciated.


More info:

"If the customer is using on-prem Active Directory and Active Directory Connect to sync with Azure AD, you will be able to import Azure AD groups into CDP."  -->  this is our setup and the ADC version is higher than the one Microsoft requires for synching group names.


Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

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