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Set a static IP / Need centOS root password


Hey !


I want to deploy the hortonworks hdp sandbox, however i don' t want (and can't) use DHCP: I have to set a static IP. When I start the sandbox in vmware player, it doesn't find any valid IP to use and launch the centOS terminal. To set a static IP, i want to edit the ifcfg-ens33 file in the network-scripts directory. However I don't have the rights to do so, and when I try to sudo, I need to type the password of the "splash" user.
Does someone know what is the password?

Or does someone know how to set a static IP in another way ?



Master Mentor


Below is the link with all the passwords you could be interested in. The default root password by default is root/hadoop but you will be requested to change that on the first logon


Sandbox passwords  learning rope

Setup Static IP on RHEL

Hope that helps