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Setup Edge node for CDH 6.x without using CM


I have a CDH6.3 enterprise version setup with kerberos enabled. I want to setup edge node to this cluster but not using Cloudera Manager. Just want to configure gateway roles and kerberos setup manually (not by adding the node to CM and assigning gateway roles). Is it possible/recommended to setup an edge node in this approach in enterprise version?








Hey @no1,


Thanks for reaching out to the Cloudera community.


The Edge nodes have all the necessary libraries, client components and current configuration of the cluster required to communicate with the CDH Cluster.


Setting Up Edge Node without using Cloudera Manager has various limitations and manual tasks. Also, it depends on the Service(Spark, Kafka, Hive) you are going to communicate from this Edge Node. 


As far I know Cloudera doesn't provide step-by-step documentation to perform this action. Configuring the Edge Node using CM helps you distribute all the required binaries, Cluster configurations and update any change/modification during upgrades/configurations change. 

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Hello Cloudera,


An Edge or Gateway node can be out of the CM in 6.3.3 and can be used without the Enterprise license cost?



Yeah, you can use edge node however this is subject to matter of Cloudera Support terms between you and Cloudera. 

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