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Should web application nodes be edge nodes



I already did dome research on this subject but I am not satisfied with the responses, so I am asking directly.

We have a traditional HDP cluster with admin node (1), master nodes (2) and worker nodes (15 and growing) (kerberos is enabled)

We also have some other nodes in our cluster like web application nodes (hadoop access), spring batch nodes (hadoop access), cache nodes (hadoop access) and some others without hadoop access. These nodes are not managed by Ambari (which makes the kerberos configuration a bit more complicated).

Would it be a good idea to handle these nodes like edge nodes and add them to Ambari (client config would be out of the box)? What does this mean in terms of RAM, CPU to be allocated for Ambari Agent (etc) for each "edge node"?




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@Manfred PAUL

Yes, Simply adding those nodes as part of ambari cluster will make those hosts more managable via ambari. You do not need to install any Service component inside those nodes Only Client Packages need to be installed which can be done via Ambari. It will also be useful to install kerberos Clients via ambari UI on those nodes so that they will start acting like Edge Nodes of cluster (means will have only client components installed on them) and you can have your own applications (like: web applications) as well on those hosts.

Ambari Agent is really a very light weight process so it will not consume much memory/CPU.

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@Manfred PAUL

Some more additional information about edge nodes can be found here:

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