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Simple Scala code not working in Spark-shell repl...

Simple Scala code not working in Spark-shell repl...

New Contributor

I have CDH 5.1 installed on a 5 node cluster.  I am building up a spark program from a series of REPL commands but am experiencing unexpected behaviour 

the commnads are as follows 


case class Reading(accountId: String, senderId: String, sensorId: String, metricName: String , readTime: Long , value: Double)

var r2 =Reading("sss","fff","FGGF","hjjj", 232L, 22.3)

import scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer

var readings = ListBuffer[Reading]()



The last line thows a mismatch error


<console>:18: error: type mismatch;
found : Reading
required: Reading


This works as expected from a standalone instance of spark and scala  on an Ubuntu box , CDH is installed on Centos  where java versions differ  , Centos uses oracle jdk, whilst Ubuntu uses OpenJDK   .   I have tried the code on several instances of CDH that we have here locally and the issue is the same, 


I would expect the spark-shell repl to have full scala functionality ,  would this be  a valid assumption ?  


If some else could try the same commands on a CDH instance I would be grateful  to know if it worked as expected or not



Hugh McBride


Re: Simple Scala code not working in Spark-shell repl...

Master Collaborator
Using scala version 2.11.8, no error is thrown.

scala> readings
res1: scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer[Reading] = ListBuffer(Reading(sss,fff,FGGF,hjjj,232,22.3))