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Single Sentry for two clusters

Expert Contributor

We have multiple production clusters using sentry and we have backup clusters as well for all of them in a different datacenter. Is it possible to have a common sentry for any two clusters or for that matter single sentry service for multiple clusters like we have Single Key Trustee Service for multiple clusters??


To date it is not possible. Cloudera did announce Cloudera SDX which claims it can be done with on-prem already and SDX provides the same in the cloud through Altus.

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Thanks for the response. Does Altus replace AD & Kerberos and Altus seems to work only for clusters on the cloud. On the other hand SDX seems to have same policies for multi-tenants and not multi clusters. Correct me if i'm not wrong.

New Contributor
From cloudera docs:
"Multiple clusters may be managed by a single Cloudera Manager instance; this is a supported SDX configuration."
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