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SiteToSiteReportingTask output clarification

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Currently using NIFI


When using the SiteToSiteReportingTask, the following JSON structure is returned:


We set the aggregation level to 5 minutes.

While analyzing the log data for processors, we noticed something strange:

QueryDatabaseTable Processor



Here we noticed that the QueryDatabaseTable processor, which does not receive any flowfiles since it queries the database directly, has non-zero values in the "flowFilesReceived" column but none in the "flowFilesSent" column (which it should have, since it does send flowfiles to the next processor). Same applies analogically to "bytesReceived" and "bytesSent". Furthermore, what exactly does the field "processingNanos" tell us? Is it the average time it takes the processor to complete per task or the total time it took the processor to complete the task in the last 5 minutes?




The QueryRecord processor, which reads, processes and forwards flowFiles, has only zero values for the columns "flowFilesReceived/Sent" and "bytesReceived/Sent", which makes no sense. The columns "bytesRead" and "bytesWritten" contain values that represent the amount of data processed and written by the processor and are correct in our estimates, same issues apply also to the UpdateRecord processor data. The publishToKafka processor also does not contain any non-zero values for "flowFilesReceived/Sent" and "bytesReceived/Sent" columns.


Also: For the publishToKafka and QueryRecord processors there are values for the "flowFilesRemoved" column, but none for the "flowFilesSent".



"FlowfilesSent" is always zero for all our components in all of the log (5 hour of logging time).


Is this a known issue?