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Solrcloud load balancing

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I have a solrcloud of five servers. How should the client applications query solr while ensuring load balancing? For example if the client application is explicitly querying node A and this node gets disconnected, the client application will stop working. Is there a master node i can point to that would distribute queries across the active nodes? Thanks Ahmad


@suresh kumar c

Can you please help on this?


What kind of client do you use? (the client application uses what kind of interface to connect to Solr)

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im sending http requests to solr from a .net application


You can use a load balancer that is built in Solr. In case you have only one shard, you can specify a list of replicas to choose from for a single shard (for load balancing purposes) by using the pipe symbol (|):


Consult the docs for more comlex scenarios (like more shards):

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But the problem is i am referring to the same server (localhost in your example). My solrcloud is composed of 5 servers, how can i make sure i am querying from the live nodes in case some of them are down?

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Hi Amad,

Did you find the solution about this issue? I had exactly as your problem. Can you share to me about your solution?

Thank you

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