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Source Files from where ambari metrics collector collects data

Hi ,

I wanted to check data source from where amabri metrics collector collects metrics and display the details to ambari dashboard .

I already posted some of the questions in the community but I am looking for the data source like log files or some other from where ams collects various info like cpu usage , memory usage ..etc .

ls -l /var/lib/ambari-metrics-collector/hbase

with above I could see the data but I wanted source from where AMS collecting this and then loading here .

Please refer below link for my previous post on this :


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@Anurag Mishra Please find the AMS architecture in below docs :

As you can see 'metrics collector' is a daemon which gathers metrics from 'Metrics Monitors' and 'Hadoop Sinks'.

So as far as 'Metric Collector' is concerned , 'Metrics Monitors' and 'Hadoop Sinks' are the datasources for it.

Metrics monitor log could be found under /grid/0/log/metric_monitor/ambari-metrics-monitor.out

But I am not sure if metric monitor and hadoop sync are writing these metric data into any file(As far as I know it doesnt)


Hi thanks for your response ,

I have some queries please refer below :

1 . Location of metrics those metrics monitor collect system-level metrics. [Default location ]

2. Actually my requirement is to get details like cpu usage , memory usage all this type what metrics monitors collects and publish to ambari metrics collector , but I want raw file I mean not in hbase or in some tables . I wanted metrics in some kind of files like log files I am not sure if it is present .

Please help me out in reference of above points .

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@Anurag Mishra

As there are multiple related threads with this query opened , Hence putting the following link which answer your query here (Please close the thread if it answers your query)