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Spark 1.6.1 with Orc Files

New Contributor


I am working with Spark 1.6.1 and hive 1.2.0.

I have Hive managed Table stored in Orc format.

I am trying to query this table and make sure predicates are pushed down,

Option#1) using Spark Sql, and I am using Spark Thrift server

when i look at the explain plan, I always see HiveTableScan. and I believe this is reading entire data. How can i make sure predicates are pushed down.

Option#2) using Hive, and I am using Hive Thrift server

and here all the time, I see a Map Reduce Job being triggered. how can i validate predicate pushdown is happening.

I want to make sure data is read in an optimized way.

thanks for your help



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