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Spark Hbase Connector for Spark 3.x and Scala 2.12.x

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There is no SHC available for Spark 3.x and Scala 2.12.x.

Why did Community stops support for the updated spark&scala version?

Is there any alternative opetion for Spark Hbase Connector for Spark 3.x?


Thanks in advance.!


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Hello @BabaHer 


Thanks for using Cloudera Community. It appears HBASE-25326 via [1] allows HBase Connector to be used for Spark v3.0 & the Git Page via [2] by the HBASE-25326 Owner offers Example as well. 


- Smarak





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Hi @BabaHer 


CDP onward to support Spark and HBase, cloudera is recommended to use hbase-spark jar.


The latest hbase-spark jar version is


To integrate Spark3 with Hbase you can find sample example below:

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