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Spark livy execution from nifi: livy-session are keep instantiating.


Hi All,


I am running spark (livy) from nifi. Currently using HDP 3.0/HDF 3.1 the CDA version.


I was running spark livy through nifi. I could see that nifi flow was completed successfully. But there were several livy-session keep executing in Yarn. I've tried to kill some of them but they were re-appearing in Yarn. 

This is causing issue that these livy sessions are consuming CPUs even though I am not running any spark application through livy-nifi.


I am not sure how to resolve this issue. Needed your help here.

Screenshot from 2020-11-06 16-54-46.png



Hi @TimothySpann 


Could you please help here.

Master Guru

I don't recommend using the spark livy connector anymore.


Also by default it's not setup for use for anything other than zeppelin.


i would connect via kafka.


in nifi you can check the livy controller settings and make sure it's not respawning new ones.