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Spark read and overwrtite hive table


Spark read and overwrtite hive table

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Hi Team,

I have a requirement to read an existing hive table, massage few columns and overwrite back the same hive table.

Below is the code

lp=hc.sql('select * from logistics_prd')
adt=hc.sql('select * from senty_audit.maintable')

In step 2 I am reading senty_audit.maintable from hive. Then I am joining with other dataframe, in last step I am trying to load back(OVERWRITE) to same hive table.

In this case spark is throwing an error 'org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Cannot insert overwrite into table that is also being read from'.

Can you please help me understand how should I proceed in this scenario.


Re: Spark read and overwrtite hive table

You need to save the new data to a temp table and then read from that and overwrite into hive table.


Then you can overwrite rows in your target table

val dy = sqlContext.table("temp_table")

Re: Spark read and overwrtite hive table

@Viswa - Did this help?

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