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Spark stanalone mode there is library issue ?


Hi All,

When I am running the spark in local mode my code is working fine and when I am running it in standalone mode and deploy mode as client , I am getting the class not found exception "Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:" for my custom class .Actually I am distributing the jar which has the class to worker by setting the property in spark configuration sparkConfig.setJars(new String[]{"myjar.jar"}); and I am seeing this jar getting distributed on worker node as well ,but I am getting the class not found exception.Why the executor is not able to fine the class in the jar on the worker node.

Could someone please let me what mistake I am making here .

Thanks in advance ,




@Param NC, Can you please try to add the necessary jar to --driver-class-path and --jars option while running application?



Actually I am submitting my spark application through program , I have done the same thing programatically by adding the sparkConfig.setJars(new String[]{"myjar.jar"}); still it is not working .

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