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Sqoop Export Specific Columns Failure


Trying to export specific columns from Hive Table to Teradata tables. Can we export specific columns not entire Hive table



getting Unsupported parameter --columns from below export command


sqoop export --connect jdbc:teradat://.... --username xxx --password bbb --table table_name

--columns "col1, col2, col3" --m 6 --export-dir /table/location


Running Sqoop Version 1.4.7-cdh6.2.1


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The issue is not with --columns parameter, actually. Problem is the sqoop can't parse the command because it expects "-m" instead of "--m". Remember, when using a short-form parameter that is a single letter, use a single dash, otherwise use double dash. 




Hope this helps!



tried with -m and --num-mappers still same error

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Your connection string is "teradat" instead of "teradata" - this can also lead to parsing error. 


Otherwise, have you tried exporting the entire table, without giving specific columns?


the export command is correct, just typo when I typed it here


Tried exporting entire table: Hive to Teradata

Error: com.teradata.connector.common.exception.connectorException: Index outof boundary


both tables in source and destination have exact same columns all varchar in Teradata and string in Hive/Impala



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Ok, fair enough. There is also a CDH specific connector for Teradata (available here Try that.
The installation and usage guide is here:

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You also want to check the structure of your raw data. Specifically, look for any instances where there are extra delimiters (e.g. a string field that includes commas as part of the string). 


Everything is done as per the installation guide you provided.... still no joy


Weird thing is import from Teradata to CDH works seamlessly,


Just can't get export working


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