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Sqoop SQL Server into Impala Kudu

Where can I find the Syntax for loading SQL Server (v2012 SP3) data into Impala-Kudu? We are running CDH 5.10.

I was planning to use Sqoop from either Hue or the command line but can't find any examples to work from.

Any help or other suggestions for loading is greatly appreciated.

Super Collaborator
I have seen people create Kudu connectors for Sqoop, however these are not supported by Cloudera. The main reason is likely that Sqoop is fundamentally designed for writing to HDFS.

If you are limited to CDH you could first use sqoop to get the data into your cluster, and then do an extra step to bring it to Kudu.

However, since CDF has been released we have now got standard NiFi processors for reading from a database and writing to Kudu. Hence this would be my recommended solution.

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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