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Sqoop export job failed after exporting some data to mysql

Expert Contributor


I am trying to export a csv file in HDFS to mysql table. the sqoop export job gets started, starts exporting and suddenly it fails. so only some records gets exported to the mysql.

error log is attached image.

Thank You.




@heta desai

A screenshot only can't help much can you share the sqoop command do you have some logs?

Expert Contributor
@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

Following is the sqoop command

sqoop export --connect jdbc:mysql://xx-xx-xxx-xx:3306/exam --username hdp--password hdp123--table tbl1 --export-dir /heta/data/sqoop_export -m 3

I do not have any logs.

Check whether the source (HDFS) datatypes and target table(MY SQL) datatypes are same or not and Can you please try to export the file with delimiters provide in the HDFS file (--input-fields-terminated-by << >>)

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