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Sqoop import error : orm.CompilationManager: Could not rename



I am using sqoop to import the oracle table employee into HDFS using this command:

./sqoop import --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:oracle/oracle@localhost:1521:XE --username oracle -P --table employee --target-dir /out10 -m 1

But, it shows this error:


ERROR orm.CompilationManager: Could not rename /tmp/sqoop-cloudera/compile/f616bbc3dd133f642f04f5e95514fce0/ to /usr/lib/sqoop/bin/./


Is there any way to figure out this problem?


Master Guru

@Muraliselvaraj When a Sqoop program is executed, it will create a java file like in the current directory. If is already there as we already executed the Sqoop command before, the message will be shown. The path needs to be new every time, as this is how the sqoop is designed.


As far as I know it is by design we are seeing this ERROR message, this is a harmless message. '' is the Java source code file which is generated by Sqoop itself on the fly. This would not cause any job failure. '' is only used to be compiled to the actual .class file which is used to submit as MR job. After the job is submitted, we can safely delete it.


Are you seeing any job failure because of this error message? 

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yes , job is failed...

ERROR tool.ImportTool: Error during import: Import job failed!