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Sqoop import from Oracle for numbers with more than 38 digits

New Contributor

Hi everybody,


I'm trying to import into Hive several Oracle tables using Sqoop. These tables have some columns, with NUMBER datatype, that contains numbers with more than 38 digits (e.g. 359348581549148849670250346862698439865). Now:

  • If I force the Sqoop datatype, for those columns, as DECIMAL the columns are NULL because the number of digits exceed the maximum precision (38). 
  • If I force the Sqoop datatype, for those columns, as STRING or DOUBLE, the numbers will appear in exponential notation (e.g. 3.5934858154914885E38 ).

I can think of a couple of workarounds (e.g. casting those columns as VARCHAR2(40) in the Sqoop source query), but they'll complicate considerably my scripts. Is there a simple way to import such columns in a way that preserves the original appearance?




@MrCarlo ,

Have you tried to create a VIEW on top of the table in Oracle and then import the VIEW instead? It is supported in Sqoop as mentioned below:


New Contributor

@EricL , thanks for the reply. I don't have the permissions to create views on the source system. I think, I'm going to try the "CAST" approach.