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Sqoop multiple JDBC URL's for failover


Is there any way I can provide multiple JDBC connections within the Sqoop command?

For example if JDBC1 is down then Sqoop should pick up JDBC2 and run the import/export.

For example:

sqoop export --connect "jdbc string 1 / jdbc string 2" 

It should then pick the correct JDBC URL based on which on is up and running

Is this possible?

Thanks for any help you can provide,



Super Guru

@Daniel Perry I am not aware if this functionality exist. what you can do is put a load balancer in front of the JDBC url. that why the LB takes care of when there is a failover.


Thanks for your quick response @Sunile Manjee. Would you be able to provide a quick example of how this looks?

Super Guru

@Daniel Perry There is no code example. It is just a load balancer. Lets say you are using on AWS. You would create a Elastic Load Balancer. The ELB would generate a URL. Then behind the load balancer you would provide the 2 jdbc url. thats it. Now if you want to access your DB via sqoop you would use the ELB URL.

You can also use Apache Camel as a load balancer. More info on setup here.