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Standalone Atlas on Linux VM, installation fine but no entity types installed

New Contributor



I am trying to install Atlas manually on an edge node of an older version of CDH. I downloaded the binary from Apache Atlas site and followed the installation instructions. I was able to get it installed with the embedded hbase-solr option, and it seems to start fine. However, when I goto the UI, I don't see any pre-defined entities like DataSet etc. Is there some configuration that is driving this? How can I install these entity definitions, including the Hive/HDFS entity types like hive_table and hdfs_file_path? Would appreciate any pointers.





Cloudera Employee

Hi CV,

I see that you have setup Standalone Atlas on CDH edgenode. Though I haven't tested this setup, ideally Apache Atlas should have the pre-defined system types (DataSet). Let me know if you tried creating custom Entities via Atlas API to check if it's getting reflected in the Atlas UI or with the atlas hive import script if it popultaes the meta[1]

<atlas package>/hook-bin/

Also, are you observing any exceptions on Atlas Metadata Application logs? You can also attach the atlas configs here to compare validate with CDP/HDP cluster configs if something missing.


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