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Start hive on tez with llap failed

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WARN curator.CuratorZookeeperClient: session timeout [10000] is less than connection timeout [15000] ERROR client.ServiceClient: Error on destroy 'llap0': not found. Failed: For component llap with TARBALL artifact, path does not exist: .yarn/package/LLAP/llap-25Jan2021.tar.gz java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: For component llap with TARBALL artifact, path does not exist: .yarn/package/LLAP/llap-25Jan2021.tar.gz at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.service.provider.tarball.TarballClientProvider.validateArtifact( at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.service.utils.ServiceApiUtil.validateComponent( at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.service.utils.ServiceApiUtil.validateAndResolveService( at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.service.client.ServiceClient.actionCreate( at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.service.client.ServiceClient.actionLaunch( at org.apache.hadoop.hive.llap.cli.LlapSliderUtils.startCluster( at at org.apache.hadoop.hive.llap.cli.LlapServiceDriver.main(







@bigdataNico  Kindly run hdfs dfs -rmr /user/hive/.yarn/package/LLAP/* and restart the LLAP.

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