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Steps to implement Oozie SLA Monitoring on hortonworks cluster


I want to implement Oozie SLA Monitoring on my HDP cluster. There are few apache documents available but not able to find official hortonworks document. As the apache document SLA information is accessible via the following three ways

1. Through the SLA tab of the Oozie Web UI.

2. JMS messages sent to a configured JMS provider for instantaneous tracking.

3. RESTful API to query for SLA summary.

Can you suggest me official hortonworks document to implement the same.

Ref apache doc -


Super Guru

@rchaman - I'm working on it and probably I will have something for you over this weekend.


Thanks Kuldeep.

I tested it out yesterday and able to get the email notification successfully.

I will try to put the steps here.

Cloudera Employee

@rchaman Can you please share the steps here?