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Storm: Kafka spout error

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Please your help with the following error:

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: end index (429) must not be less than start index (7763) at at com.hortonworks.streamline.streams.runtime.storm.spout.AvroKafkaSpoutTranslator$ at$InputStreamByteSource.tryReadRaw( at$ByteSource.compactAndFill( at

This error happened when I run an application in SAM (attached).



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its a old version bug of sam。you can find answer on here:


its a old version bug of sam

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Hi Bruce Liu,

Thanks for your answer. I have additional question about the solution, where I can change this code?

Sorry but I am new in Hortonworks.

Thank you.

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yeah,you can find the code on this

Replace current condition

<code>            Preconditions.checkPositionIndexes(off, len, bytes.length);


<code>            Preconditions.checkPositionIndexes(off, off+len, bytes.length);

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Hi @bruce liu

Sorry again, but I don't understand at all. Where I can change this code?. I don't know if I have to look some file in the Linux filesystem, or if I have to download some file and change in Eclipse, or is just by other way.

Thanks again.

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Hi @Alejandro Camacho

maybe you can update your sam to a newer version

or you may change code by Eclipse or replace a jar file which contains . but its risky and you must do enough test!