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Strange permission Hive issue in accessing DBs

Strange permission Hive issue in accessing DBs

Rising Star

Hello All,


We have a around 22 databases and their respective tables which are accessible via Impala in Hue, but not via Hive for 3 newly added users. We get below error which is related to permissions to databases via Sentry, however, this looks strange to me since the permissions are managed at DB level and not specific to service. So if permissions are not correct, we should not have been able to access them via Impala as well.


Error message:

Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException No valid privileges User xxxxxx does not have privileges for SWITCHDATABASE The required privileges: Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=select->grantOption=false;Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=insert->grantOption=false;Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=alter->grantOption=false;Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=create->grantOption=false;Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=drop->grantOption=false;Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=index->grantOption=false;Server=server1->Db=*->Table=+->Column=*->action=lock->grantOption=false;


Query that works fine in Impala but not Hive:

select * from dbname.tablename limit 5;


Please suggest what can be checked / done to fix this.