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Superset fail at uploading a CSV file

New Contributor

While trying to upload a csv file to Superset using the GUI I get the following


(pg.InternalError) FATAL: password authentication failed for user "superset" (Background on this error at:

You can check the photo attached.

Checked the link mentioned in issue and it wasn't helpful.

This is the first time I try uploading using the GUI, so it wasn't working before or anything.

HDP latest.


New Contributor

Have the same problem.

In my case the "problem" was caused by authentication method.

To "resolve" in my test environment I set authentication method from md5 into trust in pg_hba.conf in my Postgresql server on the database used for importing data.

Another authentication methods caused the same error.

I believe this is something like bug...

@Ali Alghamdi, please test and let me know.

New Contributor

That should work yeah, but it must be a security flaw to open the trust channel.

I hope we get an answer soon with clear instructions and clarifications.

Best regards,

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@Ali Alghamdi

You can simply fix this problem

So, change lines in file: /usr/hdp/current/superset/lib/python3.4/site-packages/superset/

to follow:

line 137: 'con': create_engine(, echo=False),

line 882: engine = create_engine(