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Suppose we have .sas7bdat files on a hadoop server. I want to view the same files on a different hadoop server and convert them to spds.

New Contributor

How do I view them in a library? I am not able to view those .sas7bdat files.


Super Collaborator

do you have the files in hdfs? if the other hadoop server is in the same cluster, you just need the hdfs client there.

the storage location is also important to define the correct library (in SAS i guess?). With SAS >9.3 you should be able to define a libname for a hdfs storage:

But if the files are stored directly on a local dir of the machine, you can access them with any SAS version, but you will need to have access to the dir from SAS (via share and mount typically).

With hdfs and SAS <9.3 you will have to use the nfs gateway for hdfs, which enables to access hdfs as a network share, which you can then use define a libname on.

New Contributor

Thanks @Harald Berghoff for the response.

Yes, I do have the files in hdfs, not in local.

As per using the hdfs gateway, does it enable us to view files of any type? Or it restricts the view to the engine type (SPDE in this case)?

Super Collaborator

The hdfs gateway provides the complete hdfs file system as a NFS share. So you can access any file of any type. if that's also a good solution is something else. I think the SPD server from SAS is supposed to interact directly with hdfs, but i can't really tell. But if the SPD server 'talks' hdfs you will not need any gateway.

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