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System problem with exam


Hello guys,

today, my Hortonworks Data Flow Certified NiFi Architect (HDFCNA) exam was aborted due a system problem with Guacamole server.

First, when I started the exam, the services (Ambari, NiFi, etc.) was not running, so I had to go into every node to start the services. This take a lot of time.

During this process, the connection with Guacamole server was lost. I tried to reconnect many times, but the error Connection Error was always returned.

After almost 1h40 and many procedures, the person who was monitoring the exam informed me that the exam will be end due a system problem and I should send a email to Hortonworks to reschedule the exam.

Now, I'm waiting a response from Hortonworks.

Anyone had this problem with a Hortonworks exam? Any information about this situation?



@ Davy Machado

You are not alone .... Many users have encountered the same problem over and again, I personally was hit with the same problem I had to email hortonworks and got an ecredit as a refund. I had to justify that the error was not from my connectivity, fortunately, I am in Switzerland where my connection is super fast, I would think users in APAC

Personally, I think the exam environment is horrible and the proctors are even of no help at all. It's very unfortunate that every other day that passes a prospective candidate is complaining.
I think Hortonworks has the capacity to negotiate a better deal with PSI.

Please contact hortonworks exam team at your earliest convenience

Good luck

@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

It's sad to hear that, cause I scheduled the HDFCNA to next month, now I'll wait for PSI and Hortonworks get this problem solved before my attempt.

By the way, I agree with you, Hortonworks has the capacity to negotiate a much better deal with PSI.



again my exam was aborted due technical issues with HDFCNA exam VM.

Once again the services was not running in the nodes, which led me to access each node to try start the Ambari Server and Ambari Agent services.

All this troubleshooting took me about 30min.

Also, I think one of the hosts was missing the NiFi component.

When I finally tried to login in NiFi UI, error. The admin's password given in exam was wrong.

In short, all these problems led me to abort the exam again.

Then, I request one more time, please Hortonworks, check the VM used in the HDFCNA exam and fix these problems.

Now, I am waiting instructions to reschedule my exam again.

@ Davy Machado

The best way is open a ticket to, and saying this problem them.

I think you should wait a little time before attempt this exam again, to give hortonworks time to have this problem fixed. I've already bought the voucher (HDFCNA) and I'll wait 1 month more to attempt it.

Good luck!

@Davy Machado

Could you complete the exam or still facing the same problem. Request you to provide your feedback on the HDFCNA exam. I am planning to take it on 28th July.



Hi @Venkateswara Rao B,

I will retake the exam on 11th of July.

After this date I post here my feedback.

Any idea on approximately how many problems or questions are being there in the exam?

@Davy Machado

Looking forward to here your about experience on the exam.



sorry for delay.

I will not comment on the questions of the exam, I merely report that the problems mentioned above, until 11 July, have not been resolved.

In addition, I noticed that the HDFCNA exam was removed from the Hortonworks Certifications page.

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