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TEZ-UI (self hosted) not showing any jobs in HDP 3.0


As TEZ view is removed in Ambari 2.7, I downloaded and hosted the tez-ui myself.

I did setup timeline and resource manager addresses in configs.env, however no job is shown in tez-ui: "No records available"

A call to http://server:8188/ws/v1/timeline/TEZ_DAG_ID?limit=10 returns empty result:


Browsing the timeline server (http://server:8188) shows my TEZ jobs. So I think my tez jobs are correctly sent to timeline server.

When comparing the recommended settings from I see following differences

  • tez.history.logging.service.class
    • Ambari: org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.timeline.EntityGroupFSTimelineStore
    • tez-ui.html: org.apache.tez.dag.history.logging.ats.ATSHistoryLoggingService

All settings in Ambari 2.7 for the whole cluster are default values.

Any idea? How can I let the timeline webservice show my jobs?



Hi, have you managed to solve this problem? I also wanted to self-install Tez UI, but I want to be sure it's worth it.

Thanks for sharing!


have the same problem, waiting for solution ...


Finally, I have figure it out. (at least in my case)

First, you should follow this link to configure your cluster. ( Then you may face the same problem as above.

Now, you need to change more tez configuration as bellow: *
yarn.timeline-service.enabled: true
tez.tez-ui.history-url.base http://your-host/tez-ui/ __HISTORY_URL_BASE__?viewPath=/#/tez-app/__APPLICATION_ID__
tez.history.logging.service.class org.apache.tez.dag.history.logging.ats.ATSV15HistoryLoggingService

refresh tez configurations and run service check for tez, then you should search entities with ats v1 api(/ws/v1/timeline/TEZ_DAG_ID).

In addition, you need to configure hive to ues ats logging in order to use the 'hive queries' on tez ui, change the following configurations:

hive.server2.enable.doAs: true
hive.exec.failure.hooks: org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.hooks.ATSHook org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.hooks.ATSHook,org.apache.atlas.hive.hook.HiveHook
hive.exec.pre.hooks: org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.hooks.ATSHook
hive_timeline_logging_enabled: true