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TEZ View in HDP 3.0.0



Currently we are using HDP 2.6.x and planning to upgrade to HDP 3.0.0 but then in HDP 3.0.0 we see that the TEZ view is not available, so where do i go and check my jobs status that are executed under the LLAP Queue. As i know that YARN will just have one daemon running for LLAP but then the details would be viewed in the tez view in 2.6.x. Now with HDP 3.0.0 where to go and view?


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@Sambasivam Subramanian

Unfortunately TezView is one of those views which are not supported with Ambari 2.7 (HDP 3.0) anymore and hence removed.


Please refer to the following doc to know about a preferred approach:

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install dataplane ??

how to install DAS on HDP 3.0 ?

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@Jay Kumar SenSharma Unfortunately DAS is not a valid/complete solution to losing TEZ. How do HDP 3.0 users see the number of active vertices or map/reduce steps left on a query or the status of individual tasks? Is this a future ability in DAS just not listed on the link you referenced?