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Teradata and NIFI

New Contributor

We’re trying to do bulk loading of data in Teradata using NIFI. Is that possible in NIFI? Currently we noticed that row by row inserts to teradata is possible but that is not scaling well when it comes to loading millions of records. Teradata has their own set of utility operators: FASTLOAD, MULTILOAD, TPTLOAD, TPTUPDATE, etc that we can use to do fast bulk loading of records into Teradata. Does NIFI support any of these operators? So far I only see the option to run SQL against teradata not utility jobs

Please let me know thanks.





Try to make use of ExecuteScript using python to replicate the jobs you wanted.

Super Guru

You can do execute process to run those or execute stream command.

Does it have a Java SDK for those commands?

You can use sqoop with:

New Contributor

Is it possible to use sqoop or the Hortonworks teradata connector with NIFI?


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