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Tez with Hive from Hue 3.12: tez.lib.uris is not defined in the configuration


Hello community,

We are running HDP 2.5 with a kerberos setup. We have installed and configured Hue 3.12 and all editors are working fine.

From Hue Hive editor, Map Reduce is working fine:

SET hive.execution.engine=mr;
SELECT count(*) FROM <my_table>;

But if I execute the same query using Tez:

SET hive.execution.engine=tez;
SELECT count(*) FROM <my_table>;

I am getting the following error:

org.apache.tez.dag.api.TezUncheckedException: Invalid configuration of tez jars, tez.lib.uris is not defined in the configuration

The property tez.lib.uris is correctly set in Ambari to

tez.lib.uris = /hdp/apps/${hdp.version}/tez/tez.tar.gz

Tez is indeed correctly configured since from the command line, both queries are returning successfully.

So it's a Hue + Hive + Tez configuration issue.

Has anyone a hint on how to investigate this further?

Thanks a lot,




We also run an original version of Hue 2.6 that has exactly the same problem.


After investigations, we see that the problem is not related to Hue.

When using Tez from command line, it's working fine.

When using beeline from command line, we connect using JDBC url, and then we get the same error as from Hue:

org.apache.tez.dag.api.TezUncheckedException:Invalid configuration of tez jars, tez.lib.uris isnotdefinedin the configuration


Did you find the issue, is it related to the jdbc driver?


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