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The Hive Metastore canary failed to create a database.

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we are getting Hive Metastore canary failed to create a database in CDH 5.4.7 version ,

we are using  mysql version is

| Variable_name | Value |
| innodb_version | 5.6.32 |
| protocol_version | 10 |
| slave_type_conversions | |
| version | 5.6.32-log |
| version_comment | MySQL Community Server (GPL) |
| version_compile_machine | x86_64 |
| version_compile_os | Linux |


Is this related to bug in mysql, we saw from below blog.

Please let me know inputs 





Do you get the exact exception mentioned in the other post? Specifically that it can run the SET OPTION command that has been depreciated.

The one you linked is linked to this one.

If you have the same issue, click that you do on that post to help drive traffic to it and reduce duplicates. Just in case though the solution is to make sure you have the correct MySQL connector/JDBC driver installed.

Please post the full exception or log entry if it is different.
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