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The air gap(offline) installation of CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.2 requires a significant amount of disk space, but there is currently insufficient space available.


Hi everyone, I would like some clarification. Thank you.

Install in air gap mode:
CDP Private Cloud Data Services1.5.2:Installing in air gap environment 

All content needs to be downloaded:


wget -l 0 --recursive --no-parent -e robots=off -nH --cut-dirs=2 --reject="index.html*" -t 10 https://<username>:<password>


I would like to ask how much capacity is required for all downloads, and does it require such a large space to install using air-gap?

As shown in the screenshot, more than 400GB can't be downloaded completely:



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To help you get the best possible solution, I have tagged our CDP-Private experts @PabitraDas @venkatsambath  who may be able to assist you further.

Please keep us updated on your post, and we hope you find a satisfactory solution to your query.


Diana Torres,
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Hello @DianaTorres @PabitraDas @venkatsambath  

Thank you, I would like to explain further.

I would like to ask, do I have to download files exceeding 400 GB?

Is it possible to precisely download only the necessary files?

For example, if I only want to install Cloudera Data Service and Cloudera Machine Learning, then I shouldn't need to download the Data Engineering (dex-) or Data Warehouse (cdsw-) components, right?

Is there any related documentation or instructions on how to download only the necessary files to complete the installation of Cloudera Data Service? (If I do not intend to install CML, CDE, CDW)