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The recipes run without an error But the cluster fails to start up


com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.orchestrator.exception.CloudbreakOrchestratorFailedException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.orchestrator.exception.CloudbreakOrchestratorFailedException: Failed: Orchestrator component went failed in 7.500000 mins, message: There are missing nodes from job (jid: 20171024004347257954), target: [ip-*-*-*-*.us-west-2.compute.internal] Node: ip-*-*-*-*.us-west-2.compute.internal Error(s): Command "sh -x /opt/scripts/post/sqljdbc 2>&1 | tee -a /var/log/recipes/post-sqljdbc.log && exit ${PIPESTATUS[0]}" run


@prarthana basgod

Sorry for the late response. If your problem still persists, could you please share the logs of the recipe run and the logs of Cloudbreak as well (cbd logs cloudbreak)?

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