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Thinking of upgrading impala on 5.14

New Contributor

Hi All,

I am looking to upgrade impala 3.1 on cloudera 5.14.

current version is "Impala Shell v2.11.0-cdh5.14.2"

Are there any software dependencies to lookout for. Any direction / help is much appreciated.


Could not get much help on search with respect to software dependencies like hadoop version etc. or any adjustments to be made to cloudera v5.14.


Most of the impala requsites talk about hardware / Hive metastore.





Impala is a part of the CDH parcel so there's no way to mix and match the Impala component version with other component versions. I.e. to get Impala 3.1 features you need to upgrade to CDH6.1 or greater.

If you can't do a major version upgrade, Impala in CDH5.16.2 is a big improvement in many ways over CDH5.14