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Tracking Config changes made from Cloudera Manager

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We have a test cloudera cluster and a Production cluster, using CDH 5.9 enterprise edition. 

We use cloudera manager to make all configuraiton changes to ther services or administration settings. 


I would like to keep track of all the changes that we have made in the lower region so that I can check if the same settings have been applied in Prod as well. 


or  is there any way I can compare the settings between the lower and Prod region and take appropriate action ? 


Please help and let me know in case more information is needed. 



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HI Did you find any solution for this problem?

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There is no specific feature I know of that does this currently, but it sounds like a good project.

While it takes a bit of manual work, you could leverage the following to do a reasonable job of comparing cluster configurations:




NOTE, the api version (/vxx/) that your CM version supports differs depending on the CM version itself.

To find out what the highest API version your CM supports:




This will print out cluster information including configuration.

You could automate this, integrate into versioning, etc.



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This is what I found out recently. This might be useful. 


1. Login to mysql

2. Use scm;

3. select r.REVISION_ID, u.USER_NAME, r,TIMESTAMP, r.MESSAGE from REVISIONS r inner join CONFIGS_AUD c on r.REVISION_ID = c.REV inner join USERS u on r.USER_ID = u.USER_ID;

4. Extract into a report in .csv ( This pulls all information on config change)

5. You can schedule this once a week and tail last 100 lines so that you can keep track of config.


Another challenge in this report is unix time needs to be converted into human readable time in this report.