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Transfer flow files using NiFi Rest API


I'm looking for a way to transfer flowfiles from one processor group to another processor group's input port using the NiFi's rest API. The rest API doc is kinda vague. I assume the "Data Transfer API" section is the one I should be interested in. I was going through the same but couldn't get it to work.

I wanted to try this endpoint: http://localhost/nifi-api/data-transfer/input-ports/{portId}/transactions/{transactionId}/flow-files

I know I can get the portId from the NiFi UI but what about the transactionId.

Note: I thought that we may have to create a transaction ourselves using "/data-transfer/{portType}/{portId}/transactions" so I tried http://localhost/nifi-api/data-transfer/input-ports/xxxxx-xx-xxx-xx/transactions but it says "The requested port with id "xxxxxx" is not found in root level". I have this port not in root but inside a processor group then how should I give that here?



Even, I cant find how one can get transactionId.. Any help greatly appreciated!