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Trigger a processor in a process group without transferring data in Apache NiFi

New Contributor


I am still learning Apache NiFi but I need a quick solution for triggering a processor in a process group after the first process group finished processing.



 I have two process groups and two of them extracting, little bit transforming and loading tables from source db to destination db. In both process group, the process starts with GenerateTableFetch processor. What I want to do is after first process group finished its work the second one start processing. 

I managed to configure process groups so that second one is wating the first one to finish all its process. But how can I manage to prevent the first one to transfer data to second processor? I don't need the data anymore after I put it to destination but I need to trigger second process as well.





Not sure what is the problem with the current situation. Usually when the first process group finishes and send the flowfile to the second process group, this flowfile will be dropped when executing the the "GenerateTableFetch" in the second group and new flowfiles will be generated based on that.

Another option if you dont want to have any relationships between the first and second process groups through output\input ports and make them completely independent where no flowfiles are transferred between them is to use the Nifi Rest Api to trigger the second group GenerateTableFetch from the first group using the InvokeHttp Processor.

Hope that helps.