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Trouble connecting to Kafka from NiFi using containers

New Contributor

I'm trying to setup NiFi and Kafka so I can better understand how they communicate and how best to design a solution around them. I setup a test by starting containers for Kafka (as well as ZooKeeper) and NiFi. I wanted to test creating a flow in NiFi that would connect to the Kafka container using a PublishKafka processor. I'm testing this using these containers from Docker Hub:

  • apache/nifi
  • ubuntu/kafka

I ran ZooKeeper then Kafka then ran nifi and logged into NiFi and started to setup my flow. For the PublishKafka processor, I simply entered: localhost:9092 and after successfully creating the topic "INFO" in Kafka, I entered INFO as the topic in the processor. 


My flow starts with a tailFile, splitText, RouteonContent the works fine but when it gets to the PublishKafka, I get these errors:


Processing halted:yeilding [1 sec]:
expired while initializing transactional state in 5000ms.


I've tried several things unsuccessfully. Example, since the Kafka config in the container doesn't set listeners and advertised listeners, I tried configuring that following different articles, but nothing worked. The last thing I tried was to try these settings in my


# listeners = PLAINTEXT://

# Hostname and port the broker will advertise to producers and consumers. If not set,
# it uses the value for "listeners" if configured. Otherwise, it will use the value
# returned from

# Maps listener names to security protocols, the default is for them to be the same. See the config documentation for more details,SSL:SSL,SASL_PLAINTEXT:SASL_PLAINTEXT,SASL_SSL:SASL_SSL,OUTSIDE:PLAINTEXT


After restarting, I tried changing my Kafka Brokers to localhost:9094 which still didn't work.


I could use some help as I don't feel I'm getting closer hunting for an answer. There's so much to learn beyond this initial step! Any help is appreciated as I'm new to this. Thank you!